I am Charlotte, 29 and based near Antwerp, Belgium, where I live with my husband Jef, our daughters Louise and Cosette and our baby boy Cesar.

My passion for photography was born over ten years ago, when I fell in love with analogue photography. I have had a passion for film-like looks ever since.

I am trying not to 'take pictures' but to make magic. In my editing I strive to recreate the magic of the moment, that was stolen by digitalising it.

I work as a full-time wedding and lifestyle photographer since 2014 and have captured over 60 weddings. I like the idea of privacy and this is why I keep sharing my wedding photography to a minimum. Moreover, each wedding is unique and deserves a creative, new and fresh approach.


I try to be a guardian of beauty and aesthetics at all time, but I do love authenticity and genuine smiles. As I strive to create an authentic story, I will not interfere much but rather capture things as they enroll before the camera without altering or styling them. I feel like it is my job to make those moments look good.

I learned a lot by working as a street style photographer in Paris. Paris Fashion Week was my playground. I was fascinated by all things eclectic - hence the name of the website, which used to be a fashion blog where Jef and I would share our street style photo work. We were hunting for exceptional moments, exceptional people and exceptional gestures.

Having baby Louise at age 24 turned my world upside down and made me question my goals and passion. Amongst countless other things, our sweet Louise gave me more insight in 'capturing happiness', and therefore different photo jobs came along. In the first 21 months of having our sweet second daughter, Cosette, I photographed an equal amount of weddings. This was both a dream and very difficult at the same time. I feel like she has taught me a lot about raw emotions; being profoundly happy, and being profoundly sad.... And how they are both a part of life worth documenting. And that everything has beauty, if you look at it with love.

I am very grateful for every opportunity I received, for all the wonderful people I've met, for all the weddings I've shot, all those magical moments I was asked to preserve. I learned a lot from all of these experiences and gladly take them with me. At the moment, my focus lies on wedding photography. I am enthousiastic, dynamic and committed, loving every click and always smile behind the camera.

I am always on the outlook for challenges and collaborations.